Batman House

Built in 1994 by a construction company out of Bangkok this massive six-floor Batman-themed disco and nightclub once held a prominent place among Pattaya nightlife venues.

Its giant rooftop spotlights shone the Batman logo across the city to draw customers to the disco. It stayed open for about 18 months and after one too many police raids was shut down by authorities for alleged underage drinking and drugs.

Following the shutdown numerous arguments flared up between the owners and the ongoing court case with the police over the closure order did not help matters, drawing on for many months.

A few months after the closure a mysterious fire gutted the building, ruining the inside and causing a large amount of financial loss.  The origins of fire have never been identified – it could have equally been an insurance job, one of disgruntled owners getting back at his business partners, police trying to prevent the re-opening of the eye-sore, or a simple electric short-circuit. Whatever the reason – the fire sealed the club’s fate and it was never re-opened.

It sits abandoned just off one of the main roads and continues to be the eye-sore of the area, although now a much quieter one.

According to Internet sources, the lowest level of the building, previously a bar and lounge, is flooded with several feet of toxic looking water and garbage and according to The Pattaya News in 2018 the body of a dead man was found floating there.  To make things even more enjoyable several local Thai homeless men call the building a temporary home.

The current owner of the building is a local bank that managed to wrestle it away from the original owners through numerous court battles.  They did fuck all to the building, apart from allowing local graffiti artists decorate it with murals.

For a long time the building shell and the area around it were fully accessible to curious public.  As of January 2023, however, the premises are cordoned off by a fresh barbed wire around the perimeter.  A couple of entrance points could be found through the stretched wire, and through a makeshift household of a local guy happily breeding chickens on the grounds of the former disco.

With a broken foot and two overactive dogs in tow, we regretfully decided to give more close exploration a miss and admire the building from outside of the wire.

You can find Batman House on Google Maps.  Here is the address: 125 Sukhumvitpattaya 46/3, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Haludovo Palace Hotel

Malinska, Krk/Croatia

Named after a nearby beach on the island of Krk in Croatia, Haludovo Palace Hotel was built in 1971 under the supervision of architect Boris Magaš.  Designed in a mix of space age and monolithic Communist architecture style, it showed off modular shapes, concrete columns and beams and wood paneled interior. 

Haludovo Palace Hotel

A year after the opening, Bob Guccione, the founder of the “Penthouse” magazine, invested 45 million US dollar of hard-earned porn money into the hotel and opened the Penthose Adriatic Club casino.  Officially, the Hotel and Casino project was supposed to improve the relations between the US and the then time Yugoslavia.  Unofficially, it was a playground for the rich and famous.  Haludovo Palace included the hotel and casino, several high-end cuisine restaurants, a number of cocktail bars, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, tennis courts, and all sorts of entertainment imaginable.

Although the casino went bankrupt in 1973, the hotel, located near the village of Malinska in one of the most beautiful areas of Krk with turquoise blue waters and gorgeous sunset views, continued to flourish and attract celebrities of all kinds from around the world.  The locals could not go anywhere near it, but the foreign dignitaries, actors, athletes and wealthy tourists were given a pass and allowed to soak up the sun, gamble in the casino and enjoy everything the premises had to offer.

When the wars broke out in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, the hotel first served as a shelter for refugees, and then was abandoned, remaining in a state of decay it is in today.

Outdoor pool area back in the day – Turistkommerc archive, CCN 221 0120, Zagreb, Croatia

Bulldozing it down would be tough, as all concrete structures of the huge hotel complex have only gotten harder and strongerwith time.  Many investors were interested in buying the hotel, but only on condition of privatizing the beach and closing access to the public, which is not allowed by Croatian law.  To this day it remains empty, decaying with time, but easily accessible to public, both from the upper road (well signposted), and the beach promenade.

Beach area