Abandoned Places

There is no official term for fascination with abandoned places.  Although, like with any human interest, several attempts have been made – from rather sterile “urban exploration” (urbex or urbanex for short) to the kinky “ruin porn”.  There isn’t even a clear understanding what it actually is – curiosity, hobby, obsession, or a medical condition that pushes people to find and explore old, derelict, abandoned and decrepit buildings of different eras. 

From the ruins of Pompeii to modern-day industrial facilities that fell victim to time, fashion or nature, abandoned places are capsules of the time gone by and provide a sneak peek into what life looked like at the times of their glory.

Mine started quite accidentally, and developed if not into obsession, but at least into a strong curiosity.  For me, abandoned places are not only a window into the past, but places of rest and contemplation, happily devoid of people.  Many friends and family members have been dragged through a variety of abandoned places with me, and I would like you to join in on those short tips, and maybe catch the ruin porn bug as well.

St. Peter’s Seminary

Cardross, Scotland

Park Hotel

Rijeka, Croatia

Buchanan Castle

Stirlingshire, Scotland

Checkpoint Alpha

Marienborn-Helmstedt, Germany

Montecatini Alumetal Plant

Rovereto, Trentino/Italy

Haludovo Palace Hotel

Malinska, Krk/Croatia


Pripyat, Ukraine

Project Faultless

Nye County, Nevada/USA

Frauenwald Nitocelluloze Factory

Landsberg-am-Lech, Bavaria/Germany