New York to Canadian Border: The East Coast Bike Trip

Bike trip along the East Coast of the US (Sleepy Hollow, Woodstock, Amsterdam, Malone, Burlington, Saratoga Springs & Boston)
August 2014

Part 1.
Airports, New Friends & Drinks with a View.

Airports, New Friends & Drinks
With a View

Part 2.
Bikes, Rivers & Cemeteries.

Bikes, Rivers & Cemeteries

Part 3.
Woodstock & Amsterdam.

Woodstock & Amsterdam

Part 4.
Jump Starts & Upstate New York.

Jump Starts & Upstate New York

Part 5.
Canadian Border & Lunch With a View.

Canadian Border,
& Lunch With a View

Part 6.
Back Home.

Back Home

Part 7 (Final).
The Boston Reunion: Red Bricks & Irish Pubs.

The Boston Reunion:
Red Bricks & Irish Pubs