Ireland: The Little Green Island Road Trip

1,303 km bike trip along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, on tarmac and without, in rain and sunshine with some sheep on the way.
July 2016

Part 1.
Dublin: the Journey Begins.

Dublin: The Journey Begins

Part 2.
The Mothership, or Tributes & Pilgrimages.

The Mothership, or Tributes & Pilgrimages

Part 3.
Country Roads.

Country Roads

Part 4.
They Say They Have Puffins…

They Say They Have Puffins…

Part 5.
Roads Less Travelled.

Roads Less Travelled

Part 6.
“Show Me the Way to the Next Murphy’s Bar…”

“Show Me The Way To The Next Murphy’s Bar…”

Part 7.
Cow Country & Invisible Cliffs.

Cow Country & Invisible Cliffs

Part 8 (Final).
The End of the Road.

The End of the Road