Chicago to LA: Route 66

A 2,539 miles (4,086 km) bike road trip from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA, following the historic Route 66
April-May 2017

Part 1.
The Start of the Road: Chicago

The Start of the Road: Chicago

Part 2.
Treasure Hunt Begins

Treasure Hunt Begins

Part 3.
Riding in the Rain.

Riding in the Rain

Part 4.
The Road to Galena.

The Road to Galena

Part 5.
The Whales of Oklahoma.

The Whales of Oklahoma

Part 6.
Sun & Steaks.

Sun & Steaks

Part 7.
The Middle of the Way.

The Middle of the Way

Part 8.
Painted Desert & Pre-Historic Trees

Painted Desert & Pre-Historic Trees

Part 9.
Corners, Crates & Canyons.

Corners, Craters & Canyons

Part 10.


Part 11 (Final).
A Side Order of Ham & the End of the Trail.

A Side Order of Ham &
the End of the Trail

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